banana slugs.


graffiti on city walls

 letters dripping,

 banana slugs crawling down

with store bought hatred 

spray cans

in hands of adolescents


I hear them

invading my ears

sprawling banana slugs

fear inducing 

to my mother


I scratch my ears

drawing blood and


they won’t

go away


banana slugs crawling on my shoulders



I am the daughter of a lesbian woman.  This was inspired by my daily struggle with other’s difficultly with tolerence. Agree or disagree with those who chose to live the gay life style, but be kind, there is no reason to be cruel.

My first submission for,

Day Nine

However I will write another from someone else’s point of view for the prompt.


Thank you to all those who have been reading, following, commenting and enjoying (or hating). Simply thank you for giving me a moment of your precious time.

~Chickadee Sweetie ❤


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