Arabian mare.

strands of grass tickle

my ankles above the ridge

of my dirtying socks

as I run from the others,

joining the game of the evening,

they shout and scream,

their words laced with giggles


my feet take me further

bringing me into the darkness of the night

my strides become wider,

bounding over forgotten ant hills,

rusty blotches under the stars

in a field of shadowed green

loping as I fall, my palms hitting the ground

covered in hooves rather than



my socks snake

up my pale legs

turning shins into snowy forelocks

I run, hooves singing a melody

across desert sands of old

returning to my home land,

the neigh of welcome,


yet familiar as a lover’s



one with wind, water, sand,

welcome me, my loved ones.


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