springtime lovin’

Now dats’  how everything wuz

simple n’ pure

lyke one o’ dem sunday school gurls

toten’ dem baskets fullo’ sweetcakes fer der lunches

skippin’ down de street withouta care in de world


we wuz in love

it wuz lyke God had spread jelly on our backsides

lyke we wuz bread n’ dun stuck us together

makin’ ah sandwich o’ love n’ strawburry jam.


we waz stuck, hand in hand

we waz de’ sun n’ de moon, circlin’ one o’nother everyday

we waz de springtime blossoms n’ de bees;

makin bebes and flowers, lil’ smilin’ things,

lyke cherry blossoms on cheeks pinched bya grandmammie


we wuz just in love


was reading “Their Eyes Were Watching God” by Zora Neale Hurston and I got my mind stuck in their world. Try reading it out loud.

❤ Chickadee Sweetie




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