my brother sits
on a fake leather stool
(like he killed
the pretend animal)
and plays with
plastic buttons, pressing
them in sequence, making
combos and KO’s.
More pretends
for him to


2 thoughts on “murder.

  1. Not all video games are about killing, besides, crime rates in teenagers have dropped with the release of video games. Also who pretends like they killed the animal of the material on their chair? Oh wow looks like I just killed a sheep.

    • Hey!

      Honestly, this poem is getting close to about 3 years old and is one of my more juvenile poems. I would honestly rewrite it to take out the killing of the animal. Maybe something like this:

      My brother
      shoots animals on the television
      with an orange plastic gun,
      whispering falsified eulogies
      while sitting on my father’s
      leather stool,
      the one he proudly proclaimed
      was made from
      verified real human skin.

      This isn’t one of my favorite poems. It still has some issues. I appreciate your feedback though!

      Em Ramser

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