Fragmented Address to the FBI

Can you pick up orange juice, extra pulp, on the way home, oh and—
I made the Dean’s—

A box of tampons extra strength,
I’m having a heavy—

You’re breaking up with me after—
Did you see Bill’s email, what a douche right?
Flow. Maybe some Midol too.

List, mom! Aren’t you—
Orange juice, extra pulp—
Six years just like that—

Party tonight at McGalligan’s—
My suit is at the dry cleaners, can you—

No I didn’t get all A’s—
The corner store on 5th and Maple
Yea I can’t believe he fired Mary

Orange juice

Midol too

After six years just like that—

But mom,

All A’s

Why don’t you come over?
I can’t believe
Dean’s List
Part to—

Fuck you

What a douche
Extra strength
Midol too

Fired Mary
She was such a nice girl
What a shame

There’s a car crash on I-50
I got a B in Cal—
Did you catch the new episode of—

They killed the fucking clown, man—

Can you pick up some orange juice

But mom

Bill’s email
On the way home

Can you fix my washer
At McGalligan’s

No Tuesday, idiot
Your dad called

Such a shame

On I-50
Hey you up for—

Like they would actually—


Aren’t you proud?
Extra pulp


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