A Preliminary Bibliography of Sexuality

American Indian Myths and Legends Selected and Edited by Richard Erdoes and Alfonso Ortiz

On the island in the middle of the river, the man in the dress told the girl that he had a growth between his legs. He said the only way he could get it removed was to put it inside of her.

He put it inside her, and she screamed.

I looked between my legs. I didn’t have a growth. I didn’t understand why.

The Aretfacts of Power by Maggie Furey: “Aurian” “Harp of Winds,” “Sword of Flame,” and “Dhiammara”

The prince got on top of the bird girl in the woods. He bruised her spindly bird legs. He held her down, getting dirt in her feathers. She cried.

My mom checked the book before I took it to school. She flipped through the pages looking for “sex scenes.” She said she didn’t trust my dad. Said that he’d probably given us porn accidentally or something. I asked her what porn was. She rolled her eyes and told me she wouldn’t fall for that.

Cosmopolitan (Issue Unknown)

She had really pretty lips. They were pink. Painted pink with lipstick. It was a bubblegum pink. A pretty bubblegum pink. I wondered if she tasted like bubblegum. Maybe she smelled like bubblegum.

I leaned closer to her, trying to bury my nose in her sweater without her noticing. She was too busy reading. There was a list in her magazine that had caught her attention. It was titled “Orgasm Tips.” I looked over her arm and read with her. I was at a high school reading level, according to my teachers, so I could read this. Probably. My teachers had been telling me to push myself. They said to expand my reading material. The bubblegum lady looked smart, so her magazine was probably smart.

Her list said you should put your heels on the wall of the bathtub so that the water from the faucet would hit between your legs. It was supposed to make you scream.

I wanted to ask the bubblegum lady if she had ever done that. If the bathtub had ever made her scream. But she got up and went to the bathroom, taking her magazine with her.

Kissing Kate by Lauren Myracle

Fumbling hands. Pushed up shirts. Heavy breathing. Alcohol. They didn’t know. They hadn’t known they liked girls. They’d said they hadn’t known. But didn’t they always know? Hadn’t I always known?

Draft of something I’m working on for my CNF class. What do you all think? I will, hopefully be adding more to this over time as well.


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