I will sing you Spanish loves songs at 2:20 in the morning
when there are not enough words in the English language
to describe the way the lights hit your eyes
when you are trying not to smile
and I will sing you to
songs made of sounds
that I have heard in the forests,
bird chirps and the the whispering of evergreen trees
as they tell stories to the saplings beneath their boughs

and I will sing to you the things I have heard
in the water that flows over the rocks in the mountain streams of the Sierras

and I will sing to you the words the rushes told me
as I walked amongst them on summer days

because language
fails me

when it comes to describing
how you hide your smile behind your thumb

because I don’t think those words
have been invented yet

because they are too beautiful for any human to hear
and I cannot help but wonder

if I read this poem to your dog
if he would understand it better than I
because his ears pick up a different frequency than mine
and I wonder if the dolphins below the sea
can hear me write this
and hear the songs I wish I could sing for you.


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