The green and white towel is yours.
The blue one’s mine
The sleeveless shirts are yours,
but I like to wear them sometimes.
My side of the room is a mess
because I don’t actually live here,
though we like to pretend that I do,
and while you’re at work,
I catalogue your books,
heat up leftovers,  play with your dog,
drink too much Dr. Pepper,
and wonder if one day
I’ll be the home,
you’re coming home to.


2 thoughts on “12-15-15

    • Hey!

      I’m not one to tell anyone else what my poems necessarily mean, as I believe the interpretation is open to the reader.

      However, for me, this poem’s meaning really hits home in the last two lines. It is, for me, this poem is about a relationship that is looking to go to the next step. A person wondering if this relationship will be long term.

      What do you think it is about? I’m curious to hear your opinion!

      Have a great day!
      Em Ramser

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