My work has found its way across the internet and across a few books, so I’ve put together a list of links in case you’re interested in reading beyond my blog. Some of the pieces here are newer (and better) than others, but it’s always good to see how a writer has grown. I hope you find my pieces interesting!

Conjuring Her
I Forgot How to Write When They Diagnosed Me
Toast is Just Bread That Put Up a Fight

Guest Posts:
Disintegrating Rose
The Wonder and Worry of a Teenage Heart

Plum Tree Tavern: Do not microwave” “I asked a cow if she wanted depression meds,” “My Friend Jaques,” “You have named me”
MGversion2>datura: “Tangible Language” (Short Collection) 
The Poet Community:
I Promised Her I Wouldn’t Die,” “I Flashed New York
Dead Snakes: “Louisiana Rest Stop, 3 A.M.”My Boss Ran Away to Gamble,” “Under your eyes
Vagabonds Creative Anthology: Volume 1Volume 2 Issue 1Volume 2 Issue 2Volume 3 Issue 1
Open Mind Issue 1
Wolf Craft Anthology
Country Lines: A Literary Journal
(DEFUNCTBoy Slut“Period Pants,” “This Furry I Met,” “A Buncha Crunch Date,” “Tomorrow is a New Day for Secrets
The Writer’s Ink: “Grape Tomatoes”
(DEFUNCT) The Wonder and Worry of a Teenage Heart“Katherine”, “Limp-Legged Dog” and “Juvenality”
Three Line PoetryVolume 14, Volume 16, Volume 20
Vox Poetica: “savior,” “anger”
Visceral Uterus: “Saturday Afternoons,” “Vegas Bathrooms,” “Tea
In Parentheses“As if We All Were Normal” Collection
The Rainbow Rose: “Newborn Canary,” Smoker at the Coffee Shop
The Camel Saloon: “Waitress’s Tattoos,” “At a gas station in Alabama,” “How can I be an English major?” 
Aberration LabyrinthIssue 3
The New Verse NewsEthnicity in My Small Town
50-word stories: “Snatched,” “A Worm is a Girl’s Best Friend,” “Her Meal Was A Camel and A Cappuccino,” Awkward Love” 
(DEFUNCT) Razor DildoBlowjobs and Boyfriends
Thousand Shades of Gray: “silence
Leaves of InkBiologically “Female”
(DEFUNCT) The Crocodile: “Reflecting,” “Bright Blue Paper Apples
Stage of Life (8 essays)
Teen Ink (2 short stories)
GeekSmash (57 articles)
Wind (2 articles)
The Forest Fire (10+ articles)
Incunabula: 2013-2014 Volume, 2014-2015 Volume
The Salemite: (30+ articles)


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